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Still Getting Made – Round 3

August 8, 2013

I know. I’m still a week behind. Not doing such a great job keeping you informed, am I? I promise to get caught up this week!
So Round 3 was awesome! I cannot express how wonderful it is to sit back and watch such a talented group of people each and every week.
This week’s guest judge was Sheri L. Wright. Sheri is another one of those multifaceted artists that just absolutely amazes me. A strong woman with lots of character, Sheri is writer, poet, photographer, and film-maker. She has published a number of books, including “The Slow Talk of Stones” and her most recent book of poetry, “The Feast of Erasure.” You can find both for sale on her website, Scribblings and Such. In the past, she has hosted both The Stone Soup Poetry Series and From the Inkwell. Always supporting other artists as well, she is a true asset to our arts community.
First to take the mic and the stage was Trevor Decuir. Trevor did a spoken word piece that felt part poetry and part prose and I loved every minute of it. The next contestant, Matthew Presley, made his first appearance at the competition last week and was back to give it another try. He recited his poem “Fool.” His reading was solid, always making eye contact with the audience. Heather Brandenburg also made another appearance. I loved her fantasy like story she read before and this time we saw a whole other side to Ms. Brandenburg. She blew me away with what was more of a performance piece, taking its place in my brain as some serious performance art. “Perpetual” was unlike anything else I have heard and I would love to see, hear and read more of her work. We had yet another returning writer, Maisie Greenwell. A newbie to the microphone, she was much more relaxed this time, but still quite nervous. Her poem was bold and I give her props for the confidence it took to get up there and share it. Next up was Kenneth “Kenny Fresh” Woods. Kenny gave us the spoken word piece “Wake Up Call.” Kenny is definitely a performer. He was on spot with this poem and his delivery is clear, concise and on point. Anthony Trotter, Jr. returned to the mic as well. As usual, he commanded the stage with a spoken word piece. “Rainy Days” was a well written piece, but maybe ended a little to quickly. I would have liked him to expand on the idea a bit more. Anthony is an excellent performer and I look for him to do big things in the spoken word world. Gwen Pearce gave the competition another try, this time with her piece entitled “He is My…..” I see her confidence building each week and I hope she continues to write and get comfortable on the stage. As the night started to wind down with only two writers left, Alexis “Stix” Brown caught the mic on fire. “Them Crazies” is a spoken word piece fit for a slam and she performed it like she wanted that perfect 10, yet with ease and grace. Alexis is not just poet and writer, but also visual artist. She will open her first solo show at Jazzyblue on Friday, August 9, 2013. Stop by and check it out. Last, but definitely not least was the returning Maplex Monk. I thoroughly enjoyed Maplex’s piece this week and he was much stronger on stage this round.
This week was another very close call. Coming in first was Alexis Brown, with second place being a very close Trevor Decuir. The audience pick for the week was Heather Brandenburg, as her piece, not surprisingly, garnered the most reaction from the crowd.
Can’t wait to see what next week brings! Remember, Diamond Pub on Tuesdays. See you there!


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