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Getting Made – Round 2

July 31, 2013

I know, I know, I’m behind in the blogging. This post will be all about LAST week, which was Round 2 of the Made in 502 Creative Writing Competition. I loved this week! We had more than just poets and spoken word artists and that absolutely made my day! This week we had the very talented Kenn Parks on the judge’s panel as a guest judge, along with the equally talented Demi Demaree. Kenn and Demi are both multi-talented and multi-faceted artists with a wide range of talents.
Kenn is an amazing visual artist and stage actor. You can find him most often at The Alley Theater. He is also currently starring in two local indie films which are both in principal photography, Angry Lunch Production’s “Nailed Down” and Dream Realm Entertainment’s “Along Came a Stranger.”
I hesitate to call Demi a musician, because he is so much more, but along with “so much more,” he is, in the truest sense, a musician and so I shall stick with that title for today. A member of Plan of Man, Villebillies and Iron Bells, he is currently the CEO of Island Earth Music and is crashing through the lines of genres, giving us sounds that are a hybrid of all things raw and true in music. Hip-hop, folk, rap, rock, classical, mix it all up and nod your head. That’s Demi.
Sitting on the panel with these two was an honor. Also on the panel was our other regular judge, who is anything but regular, Mark James. But I already told you all about him last time, so I won’t gush on.
Now on to the insanely amazing writers we had this week. Before we started this round, Lance Newman, our winner from last week, gave us an encore performance of his winning piece. Our first competitor was Heather Brandenburg, who started off the night with a magical tale of whimsy, love and unity, “The Tale of Three Women.” I adore the story and believe it will some day be published. Second up to the mic was a very nervous D.A. Madigan with a short story entitled “Positive.” It pulled at my heart strings and possibly made me tear up a bit. Madigan doesn’t usually read his stories aloud and normally writes more sci-fi, but I am so glad he chose to share this story with us. You can find some of his other writings on his Smashwords site here. Next up was Matthew Presley, also known as “The Bard in Blue.” Matthew did a very nice reading of his poem “Next Steps.” You can often catch him at open mics all around town. He is a great supporter of the local music scene and arts culture and I was so glad to see him come out for Made in 502. Local film-maker Gregory Fugate treated us to an excerpt from a screen-play. Be sure to check out his upcoming film, “Shark.” Then Kim Ames was up to the mic with a heart-felt poem about her car, “Sophia.” The thing that was beautiful about this poem is that underneath it all, it wasn’t a poem about her car, but about success and independence. Rachel Short, another multi-talented artist, was our next writer and she really set the bar with her piece, “Crude.” Not only a writer, Rachel is a beautiful musician. She also hosts the event “Subterranean Phrases” at Decca on the 2nd Wednesday of the month, so go check it out. Up next was a returning competitor from last week, Anthony Trotter, Jr. He once again commanded the stage, this time with his poem “Worked My Ass Off.” I have to give credit to Maisie Greenwell, who was on stage next – for her very first time! Nervous as can be, she got through her poem and did a damn good job. The last writer of the night was Gwen Pearce. Gwen did a piece entitled “He Who Is the Result of Intent.” A bit of a longer poem, very well written. You can see she is still new to reading in crowds, but I believe this girl has the goods to go somewhere.
I know, I know, you want to know who won. The well-deserving Rachel Short took first place with D.A. Madigan taking second. The audience pick for the night was Anthony Trotter, Jr.
This has been a pretty long entry for a blog, so I’m going to wrap on up. But first I have to tell you, you NEED to make it out for this competition. Every week is getting bigger and better. Even if you aren’t competing, this is an event worth watching. So come on out next Tuesday!


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